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August 2020 – New Designer Exclusive Opportunity!

Disney And Origami Owl Incentive

Beginning August 1, 2020 – New (and FORMER) designers have the opportunity to become a part of Origami Owl for just $20! (yes – that’s ONE 2 and ONE 0) – but WAIT…there is more! As you start your business and make your first sales/purchases, you can earn this FREE upgrade! But…wait…there is more… Just …

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Origami Owl® Shop Host Join September 2017 Specials!

September 2017 Customer Shop Host Join

The Origami Owl Shop Host Join September 2017 Specials are awesome! For each $50 you spend in September, you’’ll be able get this exclusive Customer Shopping Special for only $25! Our exclusive Despicable Me 3 Halloween Trio look will fill your Locket with mischief and delight just in time for trick-or-treating with your little minions! And, this is the only …

Host Join My Team Limited Items Our Jewelry Special Offers

Origami Owl® Shop Host Join July 2017 Specials!

The Origami Owl Shop Host Join July 2017 Specials are awesome! Origami Owl Shop Host Join specials happen each and every month for customers, hostesses and NEW Origami Owl Designers. They are always amazing and the July 2017 specials are no exception! Origami Owl has 3 beautiful looks for our July 2017 Customer Shopping Specials for only $30/25 each …