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Becoming An Origami Owl® Designer
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Becoming An Origami Owl® Designer

Becoming An Origami Owl Designer is easy!

Origami Owl® DesignerHave you thought you might like to work from, home? Supplement existing income? Make a car payment or a house payment? Possibly you have been looking for a way to have extra income for your children’s activities or earn for a vacation? Do you already love Origami Owl and would like to become a “Discount Diva” Origami Owl Designer and feed your habit at a discounted price? It’s all possible and so simple to get started! And YOU MATTER – no matter where you want to be when you join Origami Owl!

Perks Just a FEW of the perks of an Independent Designer with Origami Owl

FREE O2 Credit for You when you join Origami Owl in September 2017!
FREE O2 Credit for You!

Earn between 20%-50% Commission on ALL purchases
FREE Origami Owl Website
Access to designer only promotions, specials, and jewelry
No Inventory Required (everything in your kit is all you need to get started!)
No Shipping Hassles (orders are placed online and shipped directly to your customer)
Unlimited Income Potential & Extra Incentives EVERY MONTH!
Low start up costs & 3 kits to choose from (including an extra gift) !

No matter if you are thinking of becoming an Origami Owl Designer as a “Discount Diva” for the 20%-50% discount on jewelry or you are looking for a fun way to earn income each month, it is super easy to get started!

Origami Owl Sign Up Step 1:

Go to Origami Owl’s Enrollment Site

Origami Owl Sign Up Step 2:

Choose Your Start-Up Kit – here is a flyer

Origami Owl Sign Up Step 3:

Origami Owl Fall 2017 Fall Winter Collection
Origami Owl Fall 2017 Fall Winter Collection

Your kit will be on it’s way and I will provide you with a “Soar In Seven Days” plan to get you started as you await the arrival of your Origami Owl kit! You are now a part of Team Locket & Loaded {with charm}! We are also part of Team Firecracker, Team Charming Stars & Team Rockin’ Lockets Parliament! You are now among some of the most amazing women in our company!

Whatever path you choose to take when you sign up with a direct sales company like Origami Owl, be it as a discount diva, part-time income or deciding you want to go all the way, earn trips & extra goodies, with Origami Owl – EVERYBODY MATTERS!

As an Origami Owl Designer you can:

Give gifts while saving money

Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, School Activities, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Anniversaries, birthdays, Back to School or any other other gifting opportunities throughout the entire year, becoming an Origami Owl is just good idea. Origami Owl makes an amazing gift and designers receive a generous standard discount 20-40% off retail cost for items, AND  you can actually earn an additional 10% off everything you are buying also.

Be A Force For Good

Each month Origami Owl selects a Force for Good campaign. Military Appreciation, Homelessness, Suicide Awareness, Childhood cancer, Heart Disease, Humane Society, Disaster Relief, Breast Cancer Awareness, Down’s Syndrome, Autism and many others are supported through looks created for a super special price.  A portion of those sales have a percentage donated to benefit various charities around the United States.

Participate in Personal & Professional Development

Origami Owl has in place training monthly for both personal and professional development. Many who become an Origami Owl designer do so for the love of the jewelry and quickly find they are selling simply by wearing their jewelry when someone stops them and says “where did you get that?!”  Origami Owl provides you with the tools to help you be able to build your business, learn new ideas and how to grow your business. Even if you are just in it for the discount, our team and Origami Owl are always there giving you access to resources to help you learn new skills, social sharing images/assets & content and so much more!!

Receive Recognition & Have Flexibility

Our team along with Origami Owl recognizes achievement each month! Even if you think you “don’t” like being recognized, that first time you are, you get a little warm feeling in your heart 🙂 The flexibility that comes with being an Origami Owl Designer allows you time with your family and activities you are involved in so that you can plan around the monthly plan of action (flight plan) Origami Owl gives as you choose the level you want to be!

Make New Friendships & Include your Family

New friends are always good! We learn, laugh, share and love on each other. We encourage and we pray. We push when you want it, but we never “make you” do anything beyond what you want. EVERYONE MATTERS! As a matter of fact, you can take your child along with you on this journey through our Owlette Program. Some of my designers have Owlette’s In Waiting (under 11) that dive in right away helping and learning business skills and being responsible with money – lifelong skills important to everyone. Be official at age 11-17 with Origami Owl’s Owlette Program.

Earn Extra Money, Bonuses & other Incentives.

You CAN make money with Origami Owl. Set a goal for yourself of how much you would like to make (car payment, house payment, replacing that 9-5?). Origami Owl’s has a generous compensation plan of 20% – 40% on all sales, plus bonuses and incentive opportunities, the financial benefits can really add up. Origami Owl offers so many amazing incentives during the month. Free Jewelry, extra 10% on all of your retail sales, chances to get discounts on Hostess Exclusives, even earning a trip!

Connect with me on Facebook with any questions! I look forward to talking with you!

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