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Origami Owl Love Our Jewelry – August 2019 Join Special

Origami Owl Love Our Jewelry – August 2019 Join Special 19 Reasons to be Your own Boss with Origami Owl! More Information here! 1. Extra Money (unlimited income potential) 2. Flexibility (part time, full time, sometimes!) 3. Meeting New Friends 4. Shop from your own store! (designer cost) 5. Earn an incentive trip to Costa …

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Origami Owl Las Vegas Charm Give Back

Las Vegas We Grieve

Show your support for the victims and their families, who were affected by the events of October 1 in Las Vegas, by purchasing our back-from-the-vault Las Vegas Charm. Origami Owl will donate 100% of the profits from each Las Vegas Charm purchased to the National Compassion Fund, which will support the immediate and long-term needs …

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Take a Stand Against Bullying

“Kind Heart, Fierce Mind, Brave Spirit” Heritage Living Locket® Set, featuring an exclusive inscribed Silver Heritage Plate.

Take a Stand Against Bullying with Origami Owl®’s October Force For Good Look Stand Against Bullying! October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and Origami Owl® has a special “Take A Stand Against Bullying” Locket to help increase awareness around the prevalence and impact of bullying on children of all ages. Please join us in taking …