Lorri Nevil Independent Origami Owl Designer Texas Home & Garden Show in Allen Texas

My name is Lorri Nevil and I’m an Independent Designer and Executive Team Leader with Origami Owl®.

Lorri Nevil Independent Origami Owl Designer Texas Home & Garden Show in Allen Texas
Creating lockets at the Home & Garden Show in Allen Texas

I have always been involved in some sort of “job” where I was interacting with different kinds of people.

I started a small business from home developing websites in 1997. I LOVED the internet. It kept me connected to friends and family, plus gave me the ability to have a flexible schedule to be involved with my children’s activities.

When my kids were small, it was “homeroom mom” and volunteer activities helping at-risk-children along with “children’s choir mom” at church.

As my children got older, my activities/jobs grew with them.  I cooked dinner for our youth group & praise band for 7 years every Wednesday night. For 10 years, I was “band mom” – working with our parents organization and in the pit crew for the Mighty Canton Eagle Band.  Now, I’m an “empty-nester”. My daughter lives nearby in Wills Point and added to our family with our beautiful Isabella in November of 2017. My son, Paul, decided to participate in the Delayed Entry Program with the Navy as a Junior in High School, and left for boot camp 6 days later. He recently has re-enlisted. He is the reason I purchased my first Origami Owl necklace – because they had a Navy charm!

I live in Canton, Texas, home of the world famous First Monday Canton Trade Days. I have an Origami Owl booth in the Boardwalk Pavilion (east side of the Arbors Atrium/Food Court). I have been both a vendor (with my children helping me) and worked for website clients selling their products as well.  4 days a month, 12 times a year – I loved being able to meet new people, many of whom became repeat customers, and get “away” from the computer and out into the sunshine, plus being able to earn money to pay for things like flutes, saxaphones, band trips 😀

I had first seen Origami Owl in the Spring of 2014, I bought a locket. I had so much fun going through the different charms and “putting together my story” with my children’s birthstones, a mom charm, and of course, the Navy charm! It resonated easily since I had added Social Media through my business (even before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon!) in 2008. Story telling has evolved in incredible ways because of how we connect these days!

I didn’t know the full Origami Owl story (and wow is it OWLmazing!) at the time, and did not join Origami Owl until February, 2015 through a friend who had begun selling in October 2014. I joined because I realized as I told friends it was “Origami Owl” when they complimented me and wanted to know where I got my beautiful locket, I was missing out on something fun! Not just to make money, but to do what I enjoy most, learning people’s stories!

When I first began, I didn’t “have time” to do what my leaders were doing. I did immediately think of several friends who would not only love the jewelry, but see the value of the business opportunity as well. I was not disappointed 🙂

I invited my friend Martha, to my office (I had forewarned her that I wanted to show her something). I didn’t say a word.  I pulled out my new Designer Kit and just let her look.  I LOVED the look on her face and that she immediately “got it”. That’s the beauty AND fun of being an Origami Owl Designer – OR a customer!

I have had so much fun with Origami Owl and I love meeting new people and introducing them to Origami Owl. I am blessed to be a part of Team Firecracker. Team Firecracker was recognized at the 2015 Convention in Chicago as the #1 Developing Leaders Team – hoot! I am incredibly blessed to be part of Lynn Stone’s Charming Stars and Heather Hall’s Team BGP – Rocking Lockets Parliament! Together, we are able to share the Origami Owl love and support each other like no other business I’ve ever been involved in. It’s truly a testament to the Origami Owl mission.

My favorite part of being an Origami Owl Independent Designer  is being able to help others create lockets that “tell their story.” I have always been in position where I meet lots of different people and always walk away with learning something about their story.  Now, I know how to take their story and create something beautiful and lasting!

I am now a “Navy Mom” (children grown & empty nesting), and one of the things that I REALLY loved was that Origami Owl has charms that honor our United States Military. My Navy Mom locket is my favorite! It reminds me to pray for my son and all of those who protect us daily.  It’s not difficult to think of what is important to you, and I would love to help you take and translate it into your own personalized story, or a gift for someone else.

I am incredibly proud of my designer team and am excited to help others achieve their dreams, all while doing something fun!

Tell me YOUR Story – I would love nothing more than to hear it and to help you put together a special locket, for you, or someone else, or host a Jewelry Bar® (in person or online) and help you earn Free Jewelry and an EXCLUSIVE Hostess Gift from Origami Owl, or help you begin your OWN journey as a part of our team!!


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