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Origami Owl Convention!

Origami Owl Convention!

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Tomorrow morning (July 12, 2017) I am leaving to drive to Phoenix, Arizona, the home base of Origami Owl, for the annual convention!

It’s exciting for several reasons, including the celebration of 5 years since Bella Weems had the dream of owning a car by her 16th birthday when she was just 14.

When I began my journey with Origami Owl, I really only wanted the discount to support my habit. I didn’t really “know” the story. As I listened to the story “Humble Beginnings”, I had a flashback to when I was 14, and I wanted contact lenses which were about $200.  In my day, 50 cents an hour was the going rate. I was just blown away by the support of her family and friends, and while I wasn’t there in the beginning (2010) before it became a social sharing direct sales company, I “got” the love! You can see the “Humble Beginnings” below.

I’m super excited that our Locket &  Loaded {with charm} will be recognized for all their hard work. I will be receiving a rose gold watch thanks to team member Theresa DiPrima who worked so hard to make Team Leader in May and earn it both for us! PLUS, I’m feeling super blessed to be able to sit UP FRONT because my Director, Amy Rehmeyer’s Team Firecracker reached Parliament!

If you haven’t joined my Facebook Customer VIP Group yet – click here! For whatever we will be allowed to share with the upcoming Fall line – you will see it there!

And if you have ever thought about joining Origami Owl – there has never been a better time! Good things coming!

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